stavba roku 2022 zrubyWe have won again! Our log cabin impressed in the competition organized by the Czech magazine Dřevo&stavby, not only in the category of solid timber constructions but also as the overall winner of the entire survey.

Here's what the magazine wrote about our log cabin:

"The picturesque village we visited during our editorial visit is unique not only for its romantic views of wooded hills but also because it is located near the meeting point of three countries, the so-called Tripoint. At an elevation of approximately 600 meters above sea level, there is a breathtaking panorama of the Czech, Slovak, and Polish landscapes. An absolutely fairytale-like place for an even more fairytale-like log cabin that we simply didn't want to leave.

The last plot on the hill by the forest with a view of the historic wooden church was simply destined for the owners of the log cabin. 'I have always dreamt of a wooden house in a secluded spot by the forest, with a stream flowing by and tranquility all around, and that dream has essentially come true. Although instead of a stream, we have a natural swimming pond, we are somewhat secluded here, with the forest behind us. Well, what more could we ask for?' Jan begins to tell us, filled with contentment.

The couple often used to come here to the meadow that previously occupied this land, given that it is only a fifteen-minute drive from their previous residence. The log cabin is currently mainly used for recreation. 'We used to come here for walks, to admire the scenery and the tranquility that prevailed in the village. From the very first moment, this place touched our hearts, and it was almost certain that a log cabin would stand here.'

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