At ZRUBY RAJEC, we firmly believe that classic solid wooden houses have had and will always have their place in Slovak architecture. Therefore, our portfolio also includes structures made of solid logs.

These buildings follow in the footsteps of our ancestors and utilize production methods adapted to the present. Most commonly, spruce logs with dimensions of 250/250, 300/300mm are used. The wood we extract from the northern high-mountain regions of Slovakia is ideal for this type of construction because it is malleable, easy to work with, and has excellent physical properties and a long lifespan. The wall logs are stacked with a four-centimeter groove filled with thermal insulation. This groove is covered with cladding boards from the exterior and interior, which often create a color contrast with the darker color of the wooden house. Additionally, ropes can be added to the cladding boards to enhance thermal insulation and contribute to the folkloric character of the wooden house. The corners of the walls are joined using traditional dovetail joints.

Distinctive features can also be achieved through traditional architectural elements such as the "kukla" (a decorative element) on the ridge of the roof or the popular "podlomenica" (also known as "suknička") used for additional protection of the gable side of the log house.

As an alternative to visible grooves between the logs, we also offer a special W-groove, which is used in round log structures. This type of round log can be flattened on both sides, not only for practical purposes but also to achieve an appearance in line with the tradition of our folk architecture. This approach also allows us to comply with the strict regulations of building authorities in certain protected areas of Slovakia. The combination of dovetail joints, sophisticated W-grooves, and flattened round logs represents the fusion of the best of both worlds in timber construction.

tradicna drevenica stavba 2

The key prerequisite for a quality building is quality material. The wood we use comes from high-mountain areas of the Malá and Veľká Fatra mountains, harvested at a minimum altitude of 600 meters above sea level from mature and non-calamity forests. This wood has a high density, with 5-7 growth rings per centimeter. Resonance wood used for musical instruments exhibits similar parameters. Such wood has a significantly lower lambda coefficient, indicating lower thermal conductivity. Buildings made from this type of wood have significantly better thermal insulation characteristics. Subsequently, suitable logs are selected at the extraction site based on forestry measurements.

The chosen logs are then transported to the company's handling yard, where they undergo a visual inspection. Only pieces that meet the strictest quality criteria are selected for the construction of log houses. Typically, this represents 50% of the wood material that passed the initial selection at the extraction site.

The logs chosen for construction are immediately treated with an impregnation spray to protect against pests, and the entire handling yard is secured with pheromone traps.

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