ZRUBY RAJEC offers its more demanding customers the option of building timber houses using glued laminated timber, either from Siberian cedar or spruce.

Glulam beams are machine-made by laminating several layers of wood, with the part featuring the highest density of growth rings being cut into sections. Depending on the use of the beam, three to six layers of wood with the thickest part of the beam up to 245mm are stacked on top of each other. External walls made of five to six layers of glued laminated timber have excellent thermal insulation properties. This is because glued laminated timber has a much better thermal conductivity coefficient (lambda) than raw wood of the same thickness. Each layer of glued laminated timber is pre-dried, minimizing the so-called settling of the construction, which would occur during the drying process of the round logs. This allows us to incorporate more daring architectural designs as well.

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Quality construction relies on high-quality materials. The wood we use is sourced from high-altitude regions of the Malá and Veľká Fatra mountains, harvested from mature and non-damaged forests at an altitude of at least 600 meters above sea level. This dense wood exhibits a growth pattern where 5-7 annual rings are present per centimeter. It shares similar characteristics with resonance wood used for crafting musical instruments. Such wood has a lower thermal conductivity coefficient, also known as lambda value. Building with this type of wood significantly improves the thermal insulation properties of the structure.

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After harvesting, the appropriate round timber is selected at the designated collection site. The diameter of the selected round timber is determined using forestry calipers. This carefully chosen round timber is then transported to our company's handling yard, where it undergoes a visual inspection. Only pieces that meet the strictest quality criteria are selected for the construction of log houses, typically accounting for 50% of the total wood volume collected from the logging site. The round timber chosen for construction is immediately treated with a protective impregnation spray to safeguard against pests. Additionally, the entire handling yard is equipped with pheromone traps to further ensure the security of the wood.

Due to the current situation, we currently only offer spruce glulam wood.

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