The exact price is calculated individually based on a cost calculation and depends on the size of the log cabin, the complexity of the construction, and the type of materials used.

The outer load-bearing walls and the ceiling slab are made of solid peeled spruce logs. The dividing interior walls are typically constructed using a sandwich construction with surface finishes, often wooden paneling, or plaster or ceramic tiles (in bathrooms). The ground floor walls can also be made of bricks. All wooden parts are treated with environmentally friendly protective coatings.

The log shell is the basic all-wood load-bearing part of the building, and we provide a 30-year warranty for its structural strength. The rough construction refers to a completed wooden structure without installations and foundations.

The price of a log cabin depends on the chosen standard of execution (type of materials used), ranging from basic to higher standards. In a higher standard, the windows are fully wooden, and the roof covering can be ceramic or concrete. A basic standard may include, for example, metal roofing and plastic windows with wood imitation. The exact price of a specific construction can be determined based on a cost calculation according to the project documentation and the chosen materials for finishing works.

Log shell

  • Foundation beam
  • Exterior walls made of round logs with a diameter of 270 mm and above
  • Interior load-bearing dividing walls made of round logs
  • Load-bearing columns made of round logs
  • Ceiling grid made of round logs
  • Cutting openings for windows and doors
  • Thermal insulation in the grooves of exterior walls
  • Electrical installations in log walls
  • Impregnation of the roof and round logs against mold and pests
  • Fastening materials
  • Assembly of the log shell and roof
  • Complete project documentation

Rough Construction

  • Log shell
  • Preparation of the roof structure for roofing
  • Roofing material
  • Extensions and gables (sandwich structure)
  • Thermal insulation of the attic floor and sloping walls
  • Non-load-bearing dividing walls in the ground floor and attic
  • Windows, doors
  • Stairs with railing
  • Ground floor and upper floor flooring
  • Surface finishes
  • Assembly


Turnkey Construction

  • Log shell
  • Rough construction
  • Electrical installations
  • Water, sewage, and sanitation systems
  • Heating (standard - electric)
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