ZRUBY RAJEC, Ltd. is a company founded in 1992, located in the hilly region of northern Slovakia, in the town of Rajec, near Žilina.

We base our processes on those used in the production of Canadian log buildings.

zruby rajec vyroba 1Shortly after the company's establishment, we brought Canadian know-how of solid log construction from round logs to Slovakia, enriching and perfecting the construction of timber structures deeply rooted in our country's architecture.

In our 30 years of presence in the market, we have climbed to the top of the list of the most productive log cabin companies in Central Europe. The number of our projects recently exceeded one thousand, and these log cabins have been built in fifteen countries, from southern Spain through the Alps to Vietnam.

We did not achieve this level of productivity by chance but through constant improvement of our technology. We were the first to introduce many procedures that have now become standard in the industry. Among them, we can mention the W-groove, which not only minimizes heat loss but also ensures more precise settling of the structure.

We build approximately 100 homes per year and export our projects abroad.

Our production capacity allows us to construct around 100 homes per year. While most of our projects are carried out in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Austria, we also export our constructions to other foreign countries such as Germany, France, Croatia, Italy, and more. Roughly 60% of our projects are executed in Slovakia, 20% in the Czech Republic, and the remaining 20% in other countries.

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Take a look at our gallery showcasing our latest projects and older references.

In addition to year-round habitable homes made from round logs, we also specialize in the production of dried construction timber and cladding materials. This way, we ensure maximum utilization of wood resources in a closed production cycle.

Architectural Studio as part of our company

We do not only advance in technology but also in log cabin architecture. Thanks to our in-house design studio, we can consult every detail of a project with our production team flexibly. The knowledge and expertise of our architects about what is possible and what is not in timber construction have allowed us to push the boundaries of log cabin design in Slovakia. Our structures represent unique architectural works that fully reflect the visions and requirements of our customers.

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