Solid round log cabins are a specialty of ZRUBY RAJEC. We brought the know-how for producing these log cabins directly from Canada to Slovakia as the very first ones thirty years ago.

We have adapted the technology to our conditions and continuously seek ways to advance it in terms of construction, building standards, and design. Sophisticated W-grooves, new insulation materials, modern rectifications, and more are all elements that have long been established standards for us.

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The majority of our over a thousand completed timber constructions consist of solid round log cabins. Our global presence and high production volume indicate that our company is a pioneer in this segment not only in Slovakia but in the entire Central Europe.

Quality material is the fundamental prerequisite for a quality construction. The wood we use is sourced from high-mountain areas of the Malá and Veľká Fatra ranges, extracted from an altitude of at least 600 meters above sea level, from mature and non-calamity forests. It is very dense wood, with 5-7 growth rings per centimeter. Such parameters are similar to those of resonant wood used for musical instruments. This type of wood has a significantly lower lambda coefficient, which represents its thermal transmittance. A building constructed with such wood exhibits significantly better thermal insulation characteristics. Subsequently, suitable round logs are selected at the delivery site using forest calipers.

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The selected round logs are then transported to the company's handling depot, where they undergo visual inspection once again, and pieces meeting the strictest quality criteria are chosen for the construction of the log cabin. Typically, this constitutes 50% of the timber that passed the first selection at the forest location.

The round logs selected for construction are immediately treated with a preservative spray to protect against pests, and furthermore, the entire handling depot is equipped with pheromone traps. Round logs with a central diameter ranging from 270 to 500 mm, depending on the specific purpose of the building and the climatic conditions of the construction site, are used for log cabin construction.

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