Just as ZRUBY RAJEC brought the know-how for constructing Canadian log houses from round timber to our region, we continue to define modern trends in timber construction.

This is evident in the increasing adoption of the post & beam construction method, which is currently gaining popularity in North America and Japan. The post & beam system is suitable for timber enthusiasts who, for various reasons, prefer not to have solid walls made from massive round logs.

This construction system relies on a framework consisting of vertical posts and horizontal beams made from round timber or square logs. The absence of longitudinally laid round logs with interlocking grooves minimizes the settlement of the structure during the drying process. As a result, rectifying connection elements are not required, and there is no need to separate fixed parts from settling parts of the house, as is typically done in traditional log construction.

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The perimeter walls of post & beam structures are filled between the individual supporting elements. Typically, sandwich walls with appropriate thermal insulation and an external cladding of the customer's choice are used. Common finishing options include wooden cladding or plastered walls, although this type of construction often allows for prominent architectural features such as extensive glazing, sometimes combined with substantial stone walls.

Quality materials are a fundamental requirement for a high-quality construction. The wood we use is sourced from high-altitude regions of the Malá and Veľká Fatra mountains, harvested from mature and undamaged forests at a minimum altitude of 600 meters above sea level. This densely grown wood exhibits a high number of annual rings, with 5-7 rings per centimeter. Similar parameters can be found in resonance wood used for crafting musical instruments. This type of wood has a significantly lower thermal conductivity coefficient, known as lambda value. Building with such wood offers improved thermal insulation characteristics.

At the collection site, suitable round timber is selected based on its diameter determined by forestry calipers. This selected round timber is then transported to our company's handling yard, where it undergoes another visual inspection. Pieces that meet the strictest quality criteria are chosen for the construction of log houses, typically accounting for 50% of the total wood volume collected from the logging site.

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The timber selected for construction is immediately treated with a protective impregnation spray against pests. Furthermore, the entire handling yard is secured with pheromone traps. The round timber used for log house construction has a central diameter ranging from 270-500 mm, depending on the specific purpose and the climatic conditions of the construction site.

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