Log House Achievements

Over the course of more than 30 years in the market, we have completed over 1000 log houses. Take a look at some of our latest log house projects, chalets, and cabins, as well as testimonials from our satisfied customers.

lepený hranol Bratislava 1

"Good day, Mr. Bronček, I'm glad we finally got in touch after a long time. If it weren't for the invoice that I couldn't find, we wouldn't even be talking, as I wouldn't have a reason to call you regarding the log house since it is simply perfect and brings us joy.

chalet rakusko stavba 006

Chalet Verditz, Austria, 2020

"Many greetings and big thanks to the Zruby Rajec team for the good cooperation and service. Our plans and ideas were realized exactly as envisioned. At the beginning of the pandemic, there were some additional difficulties and delays. However, in the end, everything turned out to our satisfaction. Once again, a big thank you, and we wish the team continued success in future projects."

drevenica lepene hranoly stavba 005

Wooden Cottage in Slovak Paradise, Slovakia, 2021:

"ZRUBY RAJEC, thank you for the cooperation!"

zrub rauris drevovyroba 001

Log house Rauris, Austria, 2017

"To this day, we are thrilled with how diligently, competently, and professionally all the work was carried out. Without Zruby Rajec, we probably could not have realized our dream of building a log cabin so quickly and fantastically. We thank all of you for that and will recommend you anytime."

stavba zrubu nemecko 001

"When my husband and I decided to build, our choice was clear - it had to be a log cabin. In 2013, we visited the Drevodom company directly in Rajec for the first time. Mr. Bronček and the team dedicated enough time to us, and our questions were expertly answered. What we liked the most was that on that very day, we could see the production and warehouse of pre-made structures. We realized our log cabin three years later. Communication with Drevodom was excellent, the project was completed within the timeframe, and the entire team met all our expectations during the construction. We and our guests feel very comfortable and pleasant in our log cabin. We thank Drevodom for their first-class work and wish them many more beautiful projects."

zrub horni kozli drevovyroba 004

Log Cabin of the Year, Horní Kožlí, Czech Republic, 2018

"Dear Mr. Bronček, I wish you a beautiful day. I have to write to you about our construction in Horní Kožlí. Unfortunately, we built it during three days of absolutely terrible weather. It rained and poured for about two and a half days. One truck even got stuck in the mud at the construction site, and we had to arrange for it to be towed from the property to the road. It was a struggle. But most importantly, I want to write to you about your team of assemblers. It was an incredible performance by four well-coordinated guys who worked from 6 in the morning until late evening.

zrub cesko hradistko drevovyroba 001

Cottage of the Year, Hradištko, Czech Republic, 2013

This cottage was awarded the Wood Building of the Year 2014 prize by the Czech magazine Dřevo&Stavby. Its owner said the following to the magazine:


Alpine Chalets, Carinthia, 2020

"Together with your company, we carried out a project of two log houses made of roundwood in Austria, in the Carinthian Alps. At the beginning, we visited this highly demanding style on-site in Slovakia and were immediately enthusiastic. This is especially true if you love wood as a natural building material. The planning and the final implementation of the project worked excellently, all the individuals involved/workers were very diligent, and in the end, two amazing holiday homes could be handed over to new owners. All the best for future projects!"

zrub bardejov vyroba

Fischer Log Cabin, Bardejov, 2021

"For a long time, we were searching for a beautiful house where we could enjoy our free time, and then we found this log cabin. Excellent cooperation with Zruby Rajec company, professional approach, and advice."

chata liptovska mara vystavba

Fischer Cottage, Liptovska Mara, 2021

"We thank Zruby Rajec, s.r.o. for the high-quality and highly professional work, as well as for the communication and willingness of the management and employees during the construction of our log cabin in Liptov. We definitely recommend this company to other interested parties who have decided to build log cabins."

polovnicka chata vyroba 001

Hunting Lodge Eisenbach, Germany, 2021

"An amazing house with a cozy atmosphere and the beautiful scent of real wood. Despite the assembly taking place during the pandemic, everything went precisely. Communication with the workers in German or English was flawless. A truly stunning hunting lodge."

liptov zruby vyroba 002

Liptov Log Cabins, 2020

"The Zruby Rajec company has carried out the complete construction of seven log cabins for me and my company at various stages of construction (log shell, complete construction), and they have also completed a quite demanding extension to an existing log cabin (which has been standing for 12 years). All phases - preparation, project documentation, construction, financing, and other construction works - were carried out in a highly professional manner and to my satisfaction. The Zruby Rajec company has always accommodated me regarding deadlines, financing, and construction implementation. Based on this experience, I have decided to continue working with the company. We have agreed on the construction of three log shells (within the next three months), and if circumstances allow, I would like to start cooperation with Zruby Rajec on the construction of 25-30 log cabins per year in the future."

zrub velka lomnica stavba 001

Log house Carolina, Veľká Lomnica, 2020

"Good day to Rajec. With the completed garden as the cherry on top, we started enjoying the building from you in full vacation mode. Thank you for your professionalism, and I wish the entire team success. I recommend you everywhere."

chata liptovska mara vystavba

Liptovská Mara, 2019

"In 2018, ZRUBY RAJEC company started building a wooden log cabin for me. It was completed in 2019, and since then, we have been enjoying the beautiful environment of Liptov and the log cabin itself. Thank you, ZRUBY RAJEC, for professional advice and execution."

turkovice zrub drevostavba

Log cabin house in Turkovice, Czech Republic, 2018

"We live very well, and we wouldn't want any other house than a log cabin. The whole family is very satisfied. I send greetings to all of you. And a big thank you to Tereza Pokutová and the entire team Marek M. - Jano Š., who built our house. Thanks."

chata rakusko vyroba 005

Cottage Stanzach, Austria, 2019

"We can only recommend your company. The logistics were simply brilliant. The log cabin was delivered on time to Tyrol, to Lechtal, as agreed. The construction was perfect, as well as your employees. We would like to especially thank Andrea, our contact person, who speaks German excellently. P.S.: Our guests are all thrilled."

zrub gmund rakusko stavba 002

Log cabin in Gmünd, Austria, 2017

"Dear Zruby Rajec team, since our wishes (the design was from us) were realized exactly as we envisioned, we would like to thank you once again for the sale and planning. A big compliment also goes to the installation team. We were very satisfied with the installation carried out by your friendly workers. The work was done properly, and things progressed quickly on site. We would build with you anytime again. Best regards to everyone."

zrub hrimezdice vyroba 002

Log cabin in Hřiměždice, Czech Republic, 2017

"I would like to thank you very much for the professional approach of your employees who carried out this project. At the beginning, things didn't go according to all expectations, but it quickly got on track. It's not easy to work in these conditions, and the guys did everything with great precision. The exterior and interior work is done according to mine and my wife's vision, and everything went perfectly. You can praise your employees and value them. They are truly excellent."

chata karlov pod jestedem vyroba 005

Karlov pod Ještědem, Czech Republic, 2017

"Good day, I would like to thank Mr. Baránek's team for their professionally executed work. I would also like to note that even though the garden was not ready for the house, the guys did everything on their knees, but they took on this task 100%. Their dedication was incredible, and the locals' admiring glances were their reward."

chalet rakusko vyroba 003

Chalet St. Andrä, Austria, 2017

"What I definitely want to highlight are the assemblers who were at our place, each of them was simply amazing. Thank you also for your good work. Best regards."

chata troubsko stavba 1

Chata Troubsko, Czech Republic, 2016

"I thank the company Drevodom Rajec - Slovakia for the realization of the log cabin. Logging according to the lunar phases, lightning-fast communication with Janka Jatiová and Mr. Svorník. The biggest thanks go to Mr. Baránek's team for the quality preparation and assembly of the log cabin."

alpsky zrub vyroba v

Alpine log cabin in Oblarn, Austria, 2013

"Zruby Rajec is among the best in the market. We bought a log cabin from Zruby Rajec, and we are 100% satisfied! The pleasant staff, including the company owner, Mr. Bronček, was very helpful at every step during our construction.

velky orechov zrub vyroba 1

Velký Ořechov, Czech Republic, 2012

"After 10 years of enjoying the log cabin, I have no negative observations. After sealing the log cabin, fixing minor defects, and working on interior details, I rate your work very well."

zrub ustie nad priehradou drevovyroba 006

Log house Ústie nad Priehradou, 2012

"Good day, we have permanently moved into the log cabin, even though we have our own house. Many tourists passing by admire it, they like it, take pictures of it, and would like to stay with us. We like it too."

majstri lehotsky zruby

July 2012 - a gift from a satisfied customer

"Built by the craftsmen who make the wood sing under their hands."



zrub nemecko vyroba 010

Log home Fischbachtal, Germany, 2011

„I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for a very pleasant and successful collaboration, for promptly addressing our wishes and requirements. Of course, we also extend our thanks to the construction team who built our wooden log house so quickly, precisely, and to our great satisfaction. It was truly a pleasure working with your construction company. We wish you continued success in your work and many satisfied customers in the future."

"I have also visited other websites of companies specializing in log houses, but you are still the top choice for me. I am willing to fight for a log house, and I was delighted to receive your email. I am grateful for your willingness, and you don't have to worry that you made any mistakes. You are at an excellent level, and I assure you that once I get my work and finances in order, I will also pursue this, and thanks to your email, I have decided to contact you."

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